● Ark Server Updates 8-28 - 8-31

Fri Sep 01, 2023 12:10 am
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Change Log: 8-28-2023

- Beacon drops was added to give better drops - Thank you Dizzy

- TC Reward Vault updated: Added VIP tiers, point system updated for VIP Tiers, and items to work on all maps in cluster. - Thank you Gamma and Lapse

- Chaos Damage: Turned off so that we can use Chaos tames without killing other's tames - Thank you Beast and Dylan

- Arc Bars: You can buy Arc bars in the Rewards Vault and use those to give yourself points to buy things. You can also take an Arc Bar to one of the other maps such as Extinction or The Island and spend that money there as well.

- Disabled Origin bullets in the vault. However you can still craft origin arrows that are just as effective. Or use primal bullets.

So we now have VIP Tiers (Tiers good for 3 months) (October 18th, 2023) is the next time fees are due, and maps rotate. These are not monthly donations to keep VIP status. They are 3 month VIP status for said donations. PayPal is broken down on the website for monthly goals at $65 as it is divided into the three months. so 65x3 is what we pay for the server costs in those three months.

VIP 1: Donators that give $5 -$45
VIP2: Donators that give $50-95
VIP3: Donators that give $100+

There are VIP packs for each tier in the Rewards Vault for a high level tame that includes saddle: Only people who are added to the VIP tiers in game can purchase these things.

Points system in game goes from standard 15 points for 15 minutes of game play to the following for VIP tiers:
VIP1: 30 points every 15 minutes
VIP2: 40 points every fifteen minutes
VIP3: 50 points every fifteen minutes

When you donate please put your in game name in the comments so we can update your VIP tier in the game.